• Napali Coast Restoration

Napali Coast Restoration

HONOLULU (March 21st, 2007) – Brookfield Residential Hawai‘i is building the future and preserving the past with its sponsorship of a unique restoration project along Kauai’s famed Napali Coast. Spearheaded by the Napali Coast ‘Ohana, the three-year project will help to restore a 600-year-old archaeological site, called Nu‘alolo Kai. It is here where the stone remains of the Napali Coast’s largest heiau (temple) are located among several house sites, canoe hale and other stone structures from the 12th through the early 20th centuries. Tested by time and threatened by invasive species, the sites are in major need of restoration and preservation. Brookfield Residential Hawai‘i has committed to work with the Napali Coast ‘Ohana to rebuild some of the area’s ancient structures, including a canoe hale, ceremonial platform, walls and houses, through the donation of both hands-on labor and much-needed funds. The group kicked off its joint efforts with a special trip to Nu‘alolo Kai on Friday, May 25, 2007, to become acquainted with the property, to learn about its history and to discuss what is being done to restore it. Once completed, it is the hope of the Napali Coast ‘Ohana that Nu‘alolo Kai will serve as a cultural asset and educational tool to the Hawaiian community and the state at large. “Brookfield Residential Hawai‘i is pleased to play a role in the restoration of this incredible cultural repository,” said President Jeffrey Prostor. “As builders, we recognize the importance of being good stewards of the land, and what better way to demonstrate this than by truly embracing our Hawaiian roots and paying the utmost respect to the island’s rich cultural heritage.”