HomeAid Hawaii, a non-profit organization addressing homelessness, has completed its second housing project by providing renovations to Youth Outreach (YO) in Waikiki. YO is a drop-in center and safe haven for homeless youth. HomeAid Hawaii provided upgrades to the bathroom, kitchen, living room, health clinic, GED classroom, computer lab, and exterior areas.

Brookfield Residential Hawaii volunteered as the builder captain for the project. Builder captains are responsible for developing the scope of services and then managing the project. Jeff Prostor, President of Brookfield Residential Hawaii, organized his builder team and began work on the project in April. In all, seventeen companies contributed to the YO renovation by donating materials and labor to the project.

“The YO program is one of a kind, and what they do for kids on the street is important. We wanted to do something to help their facility improve efficiencies, service, and the experience here for the kids and staff,” said builder captain Jeff Prostor, Brookfield Residential Hawaii.